4th Endometriosis Surgery

I’ve never reblogged before, but this is for a fellow blogger who needs support for a life changing surgery. I absolutely love Kelly’s blog, and her journey as well as struggles with endometriosis is enlightening and brave. Head over to her blog, it truly is a good read! If you want to donate for Kelly’s surgery head over to her GoFundMePage https://www.gofundme.com/2b4x2kfw


Hi guys. These gofundme pages come around so often that I’m embarrassed to even post this. It was made my mom, because I’m embarrassed. Why? I’m not exactly sure, I just don’t like the thought of asking potential strangers for money, and to be honest having my friends see it is a little off putting.

I write about a lot of stuff on here, mostly being my medical issues. I’ve dealt with endometriosis for 10 years now. With no relief after my past two surgeries within a year of each other I needed to search for an answer. I was ready to have a hysterectomy to make my pain go away, but the thought of not having children of my own one day breaks my heart. Since having these surgeries I’ve since been dealing with bladder issues as well. I’ve had an external and internal “nerve stimulator” aka “pacemaker” for…

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