Budget vs High End | Moisturising Primers

Budget vs High End | Moisturising Primers

This is the second post in my new series budget vs high end. Moisturising your face is a crucial step in any beauty routine as removing makeup can take away essential oils from the skin. I have combination skin, so have to be careful about moisturising as if I go overboard I look like a greasy mess! I normally use a moisturising primer to prep any dry areas, making it soft and smooth. Which is a definite must when applying foundation.

Here are two products which aren’t advertised as primers, but make a great base for your makeup…



I absolutely love Polaar IceSource’s Moisturising Gel (£27), it’s cool sensation is great to wake up your face. It sinks into the skin quickly, without leaving the skin oily. The downside is that it’s incredibly pricey for such a small amount. As you can tell I’ve been squeezing ever last bit out of the tube! The foundation glides on easily and sits pretty well on the skin throughout the day.


Over the last few months I heard so much praise for the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm (£3), but I always poo pooed the idea of using it. Primarily due to it being a men’s product. Desperate to find a cheaper alternative to the Moisturising Gel, I decided to give it a go. I IMG_1582have to say I pleasantly surprised!

The balm absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave the face too moisturised. The downside of this product is that I have my foundation doesn’t stay as put, like it does with the high end product. Also, it has a strong smell of men which is a little off putting as it is pretty pungent. The smell does fade within 10 minutes, hilariously my boyfriend has said I’m less attractive the first few hours after using this product. This happens as the smell masks natural female pheromones which attract males (psychology degree coming in handy here!), so if you are going out on a date I’d recommend putting it on way before meeting your date.


Ultimately, the actual product from Polaar IceSource is better, being my favourite of the two. Although the price does let it down considerably, so the Post Shave Balm comes a close second if you ignore the smell.

What’s your verdict? Do you have a favourite primer?- Be sure to leave a comment to let me know!




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