Smurf Lips?!

Smurf Lips?!

Anyone else think these new lip kit colours were a photoshop joke? I am super shocked by the recent dark shade releases considering Dead of Knight (the black lip kit) was just released and after all it is summer time! There are two blue lip kits being added to the must have family of liquid lipsticks. The light blue named Skylie and the navy toned lipstick named Freedom presumably named so due the 4th of July.

Being a massive fan of Kylie Cosmetics, I have to admit I’m a bit put off with these shades. I feel I really would not have anywhere to wear them as I’m not hanging out with my celeb friends and going to star studded events often enough (or ever!) to fully show them off. Skylie is just a really stand out shade and I don’t particularly want to be branded a freak as I go about my business.

I will definitely be giving these two shades a miss. I’m just on the look out for when (hopefully) the beautiful deep burgundy shade is released, which Kylie has been seen wearing.

What do you think of these blue lip kits? Have you got he confidence to wear them?- Leave a comment to let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Smurf Lips?!

  1. Yes dude everyone’s got blue lipstick. Even Jeffree Star was promoting his sky blue lipstick today on snapchat but it’s not a good color period. The navy I would like to wear but even then, it was definitely named Freedom for the 4th. She hyped the colors up more by saying she wasn’t sure if she wanted to release them before the 4th but she would’ve had to because the color name Freedom wouldn’t have made any sense if it was after Independence Day and still sold in limited edition. Plus, you’d think she’d pick something with K seeing all her other lipsticks are K oriented. I feel like these colors weren’t her first pick either but a good choice to make money the months of June and July. Either way I’m skipping on these too. Would much rather finish rounding out the normal color collection of lip kits

    1. Thanks for reading! Yeah, it appears to be more of a commercial move rather than a creative one by Kylie. I think I’ll be looking more at the original shades like you! Think I need to check out Jeffree Star though for comparison, not like I need more lipstick!

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