Reincarnation Mask | Bleach London

With the bleaching, the dying and the straightening my hair gets pretty dry. Which is an added complication to my already problematic naturally curly hair. To combat the straw like texture I use Bleach London’s Reincarnation Mask (£6). Several of the kits from Bleach London actually come with a mini Reincarnation Mask, which is how I first came across it.

This deep conditioner leaves my hair silky and smooth, banishing split ends and breakage. I leave the products on my newly washed hair for as long as possible, normally whilst sorting out my legs. I then wash it out with really cold water. Lately, I only wash my hair in cold water as I find i gives it more shine and makes my dyed hair colour last longer.

Bleach London recommend putting the mask on and then leaving it in 10-20 minutes, and covering with a warm towel. I find this too fussy, and the method I’ve been using has worked fine for me. image

I would recommend this product if your hair needs a little pick me up. I love Bleach London’s products, my favourite at the moment is Washed Up Mermaid (£5) a beautiful aqua semi-premament dye, for a full review check out my previous post.

Have you tried any Bleach London products? Do you have any hair masks you’d recommend?– I’d love to hear from you.



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