My blog’s traffic is predominantly for information about Kylie Cosmetics, no wonder I get a lot of questions sent to me about her on social media!

There seems to be a lot of confusion over the customs fee which is added to parcels from Kylie Cosmetics. Firstly, Kylie doesn’t add the charge, it is the UK government who does. So stop giving her hate about it on social media. There is absolutely nothing she can do about it! If you ordered from say, Jeffree Star you will still be subject to paying a customs fee as you are ordering out of the U.K.

Secondly, I get asked why there is a customs fee. Basically it is to cover the cost of the postage service checking the contents of the parcel, making sure that prohibited items are not being imported into the UK.


 Lastly, the question over why in the beginning did people not get charged the customs fee. I’ll just touch on this topic as I have previously talked about this, basically Kylie Cosmetics was lying about the worth of the products on the customs declaration form. This is no longer occurring as this is illegal. So expect to pay a customs charge.

The amount varies depending on the value of goods you have, I ordered one lip kit and one gloss and the customs charge was £14.43. I’ve heard of others paying significantly more though. In the UK you will have to pay VAT and a handling fee.



VAT = £6.43

Royal Mail International Handling Fee = £8.00

Total = £14.43


When ordering from any international company take into consideration the customs charge as it might make you think twice about ordering from Kylie Cosmetics.

How much have you had to pay for customs?- Leave a comment to let me know!