Black Lip Kit?!

With summer practically here you would have thought Kylie would be bringing out some pinks, maybe a violet lip kit. Nope. Kylie Cosmetics will be releasing the darkest of all colours imaginable, Dead of Knight. There has already been bit of an uproar over this black liquid lipstick, as for one it’s coming out before KyMajesty which has been teased by Kylie for a while. The second is that the colour is really a love it or hate it shade.


Now I like dark lipsticks as my style is a bit grunge sometimes, considering (according to Kylie) this is the most requested colour, there’s a lot of comments to it being Halloween makeup and that it really isn’t a wearable colour, for the average girl.

To promote this love it or hate it shade Kylie has gone all out on social media with what looks like some pretty pricey photo shoots. The pictures do show that dark colours can be glamorous rather than just for the generic grunge look.

I wonder if this lip kit will have the similar problem experienced by many with Kourt K (the dark purple shade) being very patchy and drying unevenly as it’s extremely dark. I guess I will just have to wait like everyone else for the reviews.

What do you think of a Dead of Knight? Will you be lining up to get it?- Leave a comment to let me know!

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14 thoughts on “Black Lip Kit?!

  1. Personally, I’m not a fan of this colour! It’s just not something to bring out over summer, however, I think it’s a love or hate shade! And I totally agree with you with Kourt K, I purchased it and it was so drying and it always went patchy so my initial thought was whether Dead of Knight would be anything like it! Good post by the way!

    1. Thank you! I know I was hoping for some feminine colours, maybe a peach. :p I don’t know if it’ll be the same as Kourt K, but I do know that it’s going to be mega pigmented and impossible to get off haha

  2. Lovely post, i never would have thought i suited dark colours, in fact i would never buy or try them, but the other day in Mac i tried Ariana grande’s new lipstick ( deep purple) and it’s my new favourite lipstick xx

    1. Thank you! Sometimes we just need to experiment to see what looks good on us. I’m jealous I want to get that colour, I’m a big fan of dark purple lips! Xx

      1. I have Mac’s sin which I think is really similar to the Arianna colour, Kourt K and some Rimmel London plum shades. So I have plenty already! X

      2. Yeah sadly as rimmel is a good brand 🙁 they’re lipsticks could be improved! X i also bought the Mac lipstick in the shade ‘whirl’ which seems to be a bloggers/vloggers favourite x

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