Washed Up Mermaid | Review

Washed Up Mermaid | Review

The last year my hair has constantly been transforming in colour. I’m bit of wimp when it comes to bleaching my hair as I’m scared of getting rid of my natural colour, so I have had ever changing coloured dip dye. I’ve been violet, lavender, green and blue. Every so often I’m always going back to my favourite shade Washed Up Mermaid (£5) from Bleach London.


This is a great aqua shade when applied to blonde hair, going to more of a dark tonal ocean colour on brunette. This is a semi-permanent dye, so it does fade gradually after a few washes so top ups are essential. I do find that the longer you leave it in to develop the longer it will last, so I’m always sitting in foils for hours. Warning! This shade stains the hair so it can’t be completely washed out, so if you want it for a week don’t try it! Even with the help of Bleach London’s Washing out Liquid (£5) the colour doesn’t really budge.


My first stint with this dye turned my hair a mint green shade when it faded, which wasn’t too unpleasant. I love this dye, so when they didn’t have any in stock for months I had to resort to buying tonnes of trio packs which contained a mini Washed Up Mermaid dye. I now have so many unwanted mini colours! After realising this situation wasn’t economical I went to dying it purple using La Riche Directions. When I saw it in Boot’s the other day I knew it was time to ditch the purple and get my mermaid do back.

The pictures here are after a few washes, the multitonal blue is created by the combination of different base colours I’ve dyed over. Please keep this in mind when considering to use this colour.

My verdict on Washed Up Mermaid…

-The packaging is really modern.
-The smell of the dye isn’t to harsh.
-Little transfer onto skin or clothes.
-The price is super affordable.

CONS -_-
-Colours appear to be seasonal, which sucks if you have a favourite shade!
-They always seem to sell out in my Boots.
-Stains hair green, which isn’t everyone’s look!

For tips on how to increase the longevity of your hair colour check out my previous post.

Have you tried out any Bleach London products? What do you think of them?- Be sure to leave a comment to let me know!



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