What’s next..?

What’s next..?

Celebration time! My degree is finally over, after four years of toil of not particularly enjoying my course, dealing with some not so nice “friends”, hating my placement year and having a terrible landlord, (who would let himself into the flat and use the toilet, oh and he bricked up my window) it is finally over!

So what are my plans for the future?
I’m going to apply to do a masters in creative writing, I’ve always loved writing and my blog is an absolute passion of mine. When it comes to life it is too short to do something you don’t enjoy so I’ve decided to go down this route, a very different road to what I originally had set out to do four years ago! When I was eighteen I wanted to be a clinical psychologist, throughout the time on my psychology degree I really started to feel the constant analysis of life and behaviour wearing me down. Also, the prospect of dealing with other people’s problems seems daunting to me now.

I say to everyone out there follow your passion, pursue your dream. They always say you regret the things you don’t do more, than the things you do!

What’s your passion? Are you just finishing uni too and embarking into the word?- I’d love to hear from.



6 thoughts on “What’s next..?

  1. how exciting for you! congratulations. i graduated two years ago and writing was and still is my passion! i married my sweetheart and now i try to keep up with writing while being a mother as well. i love the flexibility of writing. i can’t wait to hear what the future brings you! well done!

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