Makeup Revolution Essentials

Makeup Revolution Essentials

Makeup Revolution eye-shadow palettes are all over social media as they are dupes of the amazing Urban Decay palettes, being praised for being so pigmented at a fraction of the price. Sadly, I haven’t tried any of these palettes (yet!), although I have experimented with the single eye-shadows from Makeup Revolution which were pretty impressive considering they were just £1 each. With the eye-shadows being of a high quality does this apply to their other products? I decided to put this to the test.



After weeks of searching for the Ultra Cream Contour Palette (£8), which was always out of stock, I finally managed to get my hands on one. It was a sort of euphoric moment which my boyfriend couldn’t share, its OK after make-up shopping we go into GAME so everyone’s happy! The darker shades of this palette are really not appropriate for me, as I’m very fair. Unlike other company’s such as Sleek, Makeup Revolution currently only has one cream contour palette out, a sort of one fits all. This product is super creamy, making blending and application easy. I was always scared that a darker colour (probably still your highlight for most of you!) would look like a mud smear, but the contour looks really effective. I found that when I put quite a bit of product on my face it became a bit more dewy than normal. You will definitely need to set your makeup.


I know this isn’t a mega problem, but I’m a bit anal with the appearance of my products the gold writing had worn off within a week and already got mega scratched. I have this problem with my blusher and eye-shadows from Makeup Revolution too. Oh well scrimp on the packaging I say rather than on the quality of the makeup!


With the summer months approaching and being fearful of being a sweaty Betty, I picked up a Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray (£5). The packaging itself is a bit cheap, but it does the job. I find that it stops my contour with the Ultra Cream Contour Palette from getting to shiny and it keeps my make-up in place when I’ve been clubbing. The downside with this product is that it smells a bit off, a bit like smelly old water. Not so much so that I wouldn’t use it, it’s just a bit off putting the first minute when you spray it.


I also picked up the Ultra Face Base Primer (£5) as I wanted an affordable primer as I was all out of my very expensive Polaar IceSource Moisturising Gel (£27), which I would highly recommend if money is no object. I will definitely be going back to it when I am no longer a student! The Makeup Revolution primer is clear and makes your skin feel silky, I haven’t noticed anything amazing from this product with it’s holding factor, but it’s OK. I’ll use it until it runs out, but I’ll probably try another brands primer.

My favourite of the three products hands down is the Ultra Cream Contour Palette, I’ve wanted one for so long and I’ve been using it everyday since, it hasn’t disappointed!

What do you think of Makeup Revolution’s products? Have you tried any of these ones?- Be sure to leave a comment to let me know!

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