Choker Hell

Choker Hell

Today’s post is a bit different to my usual beauty and make-up reviews, it’s more an account of the struggles you may experience with a choker.

Since the choker came back into fashion I have always wanted one, although I was a bit on the fence about it. I’ve seen it as an accessory staple of Charli XCX and more recently seen it on celebrities on the catwalk, in a more glamorous way rather than grunge. So when I last went shopping in New Look after a bit of ummming and arrring over a selection of chokers in the accessories area, I left the store with two gorgeous chokers. The first being a thinner ribbon choker (£1.99) and the other being a thicker velvet choker (£3.99); a more fashion forward necklace to previous stretchy elastic ones I’d previously seen.

Putting it on was an absolute nightmare! I tried the ribbon one on first, but it was only on briefly before it broke off. Devastated as I was going out I tried to put the velvet one on. It was nearly impossible, it was a two man job and the metal chain to clasp it together kept breaking. I found it too small to chain together, so my boyfriend added a bit of length to the chain from the broken ribbon one. I didn’t think my night was going to turn into a DIY necklace making night!

Extending it slightly made it so much more easier to put on. Except I could then see why it MAHALA_Chokerwas so damn right difficult to put on, as it was now too loose on my neck! So it needs to be tight to start off with to be a choker. Also, I can see why they broke so easily, its so you are able to yank it off if you become too constrained by it. By the time the accessory (or torture device) was on, my neck was all red and irritated. Whoever said beauty is pain was correct!

Interestingly today I was looking for them on New Look’s website and it appears that they have been discontinued, perhaps they were faulty? I love the look of the choker, but found the long experience of actually putting it on a downer. Think I’ll look into getting a stretchy elastic one rather than a fabric one. Oh and maybe not have a glass of wine next time I try to put one on!

Can you recommend any chokers? Or what type of accessories are you in to?- I’d love to hear from you.




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    1. Thanks for reading! Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I think it would be pretty easy to do with some ribbon and just tie it in a cute bow. 🙂

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