The Glossy Lip Trend

The Glossy Lip Trend

Hope everyone’s week is going well, I’m deep into revision for my finals so here’s a shorter post today on one of my favourite makeup looks at the moment.

The massive trend of deep pigmented matte lips is moving towards a more glossy look. Still giving the appearance of a high maintenance lip, without as much care and precision needed to apply a matte lipstick. Which at times I have failed desperately at! It’s not the classic sheer gloss or stain look which previous trends have used, but a heavily pigmented gloss which is long lasting in colour and shine. So move aside Juicy Shaker!

I’ve come up with a few tips to get this gorgeous glossy lip: 

  • Use a lip pencil to line and colour in your lip, making the overall look last longer and it will make it more opaque.
  • Apply two thinner coats of the gloss rather than one thick layer, this will make the coverage more even. I’ve started doing this with all lip products, it looks so much better!
  • Don’t have an on trend lipgloss? Use a matte lipstick and apply a layer of a sheer lipgloss.


My favourite gloss is Literally from Kylie Cosmetics, it’s a gorgeous peachy nude. I really want to try the NYX Butter Gloss, as they look super pigmented, has anyone tried them?

Do you have any favourite pigmented lip glosses?- I’d love to hear from you.



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