The Beauty App Veleza

The Beauty App Veleza

When I was approached by Veleza on Twitter they were interested in me trying out their new app. Originally I was a bit confused as the concentration was on skin products (I think!) as more and more people joined it became more about make-up, which I liked as I am addicted!

This app primarily has three key features, a timeline which has every users post, giving you the ability to like and comment on their post. A discussion area where you can post questions or tips and your own profile where your posts go as well as having the ability to add items you want to a wish list and a “shelf”. Personally I never use either of these features, I just post and comment.

I really enjoy the lovely atmosphere on this app and the communication with some truly lovely girls. The unfortunate matter is that one person has to ruin it for everyone. As I was scrolling through the timeline, I came across a before and after beauty look, which one not so lovely lady commented “the eyebrows are horrible, sorry”. One good soul did respond with pointing out that it was the first hateful comment on the app and that there were better ways to voice an opinion. I was really disappointed by the comment as there has only been positive vibes prior to this incident.


This matter raised some flaws with the app, mainly that it is too simplistic. It’s OK for a few hundred women who use it, but there is always going to be some idiot who needs to pipe down. There isn’t any abilities to delete/hide comments by users on your post, there is no report button I know these methods are extreme, but we’ve all seen the comments you get on YouTube. People gain anonymity when using the Internet and some things can verge on the line of bullying.

Another flaw with this app is that images on the posts don’t always load on the correct post. The other day, I was looking at a picture of a foot being described as a contour palette! Also, some functions of the app have become broken. I can’t look at my notifications any-more, I’ve heard another girl not being able to see her followers. I think this is pretty poor. Veleza has been contacted about my problem, of which it is still ongoing.

A good feature of this app are the ladies who make you feel really comfortable, they are members who work for Veleza and act as guides, being very happy to answer questions you may have. In all I like the app, but it is very limited. It does have the potential though of being something truly great. If it wasn’t free, I don’t think it would be worth purchasing at this point in time.

Have you tried out Veleza? What do you think?- I’d love to hear from you.



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