Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Nancy aka Nancernoodle for winning my giveaway! Check out Nancy’s YouTube channel; where she does amazing covers, make-up tutorials and tasting challenges of Japanese candy with her brother. Or check out her Twitter!
I hope you enjoy the prize Nancy!

Also, a big thank you to everyone who took part, I really appreciate the support! There will be another opportunity soon to apply in my next Kylie Cosmetics giveaway, if I’m able to get my hands on some!


Was anyone successful at getting the new lip kit Exposed?- Let me know by leaving a comment!



8 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner

    1. Did you get any? As I live in the UK I really need to buy a few to justify the shipping and customs fee, so when Exposed was gone I was like it’s not worth it. 😛

      1. I live in the UK too, I didn’t actually want any. But I ordered for some friends who were working at the time (the struggles of wanting one so bad haha)
        But i totally get that, you do need to order a few to make it worth your while on shipping and customs.

      2. You’re a good friend! Yeah it’s difficult to buy them as they are always at obscure times, with little notice. I never thought I’d go to such effort for lipstick haha

      3. I’ve never ever tried anything from Huda Beauty, think it’s about time I try it! I always look at her instagram in awe!

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