KFC Nail Polish?!

As the title suggests KFC in Hong Kong have produced a finger licking good nail polish. No, it’s not a practical joke! It’s nail polish which tastes like fried chicken.


This couture packaged nail polish has hit big criticism from journalists, as the colours look absolutely atrocious on. The rather unsightly trial of nail polishes is thought to be down to the fact that they have a shelf life of just five days as they are made of natural ingredients so they can be edible. Each bottle can only be used once, clearly due to hygiene reasons. The advertisement (above) looks considerably more high end than the hideously tacky real products (below).


The two shades/flavours are Hot & Spicy and Original Recipe, both look poor excuses of nail polish in my opinion, being to transparent to give a nice coverage. Apparently both have a pleasant flavour, although lacking undertones of fried chicken, the whole point of the product!

I am yet to try these polishes, I think I’ll give them a miss when or even if they make it the UK market as I think it’s revolting to be licking your nails, mainly for hygiene reasons! Putting the novelty to one side, the colours are really ugly! It’s a bizarre idea which has been executed poorly.
What do you think of KFC’s nail polishes is it a HIT or MISS with you?- I’d love to hear from you.

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8 thoughts on “KFC Nail Polish?!

    1. Yeah it is! I can understand maybe nice smelling nail polish like of strawberries, I just can’t get over people licking their nails for a fried chicken taste!

  1. Well that’s horrid and clearly the concept is playing to the people who like fast food. Not nice at all

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