Benefit | The Frisky Six

Benefit | The Frisky Six

My mother just came back from what she tells me was an amazing cruise and she kindly got me the Frisky Six set (£45) from Benefit  as I was going about how I don’t have any Benefit makeup and I wanted to try something new. Like the name suggests you get six mini products to make a beautiful sun-kissed look.


I had heard great things about the mascara They’re Real, so when I tried it I was really confused and thought I was using it wrong. I tried it for a few days, I just really didn’t get on with this mascara as the wand was made of plastic spikes whereas I’m used to mascara brushes which are made up of tonnes of softer bristles. Every time I used it the sensation of the plastic on my lashes made me flinch and  caused mascara to do go all over my eye lid. The actual mascara formula is really lovely, giving long non clumpy lashes and I will be using it just with a different mascara brush!


I really liked Sun Beam, a liquid bronzer which wasn’t too dark for my pale skin, giving a soft glow on the cheek bones. The bronzer/blusher called Sugarbomb smells really pleasantly sweet, giving a gentle colour to the face. It was in sort a disposable like plastic, not in a hard compact which I would have expected.

Lolli Tint, is to be applied on the cheeks or lips. I only used it on my cheeks, finding that I had to act fast to blend it in before it set. The Lolli Balm, is a pretty light pink lip balm which is really creamy and fruity. Ooh La Lift is a creamy white product that you apply under the eyes in dots then gently blending it in to highlight. I thought this product was amazing, just a shame that its so tiny!


The products themselves are lovely, I just think the packaging is a bit naff, undermining the credibility of the products a bit. Also, there doesn’t seem to be much of the products themselves, I’m happy my mother didn’t pay the full retail price for this as I think it’s bit of a rip off as they are so dainty!


Have you tried any of the Benefit products from the Frisky Six? Would you recommend any Benefit products?- I’d love to hear from you.



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  1. Benefits mascara, porefessional and cheek tint are amazing you will not go wrong with any of those products, regardless of your skin tone, so I definitely recommend those three 🙂 nice post xxx

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