Being a big fan of dark purple and matte lipsticks when Kylie Cosmetics released Kourt K, I knew it was a must! I’ve had such difficultly getting my hands on one, being unsuccessful on the site, having delivery problems, at one point being devastated that it hadn’t turned up. I even feared that it had been stolen as it’s packaging is very recognisable. Eventually I was able to get it at the post depot and I was ecstatic.


I’ve never owned such a pigmented lipstick, even more than the other Kylie lip kits I’ve tried. I did a swatch on my hand to check it out and it was still present two days later!- I washed and scrubbed (I’m not gross!), but it really didn’t want to budge. My pale skin is prone to staining, I’ve had repercussions from Lush bath bombs before! Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Like all the lip kits the lip pencil is incredibly creamy, gliding on with ease. With it being a dark shade it requires two coats as it goes on a bit uneven at first. This lipstick is perfect for dates and clubbing, personally think it’s a bit much for day wear.

The only problem I experienced was a slight bit of feathering, a lot of liner is required to prevent this. To make the matte lipstick look more crisp, I line my lips and then fill them in the with the pencil, then I apply the lipstick. A little goes a long way, so I take my time with this part as if you go wrong you’ll stain your face, which looks like you’ve dribbled!-Not the best of looks…

I’d like to thank my fiancé’s mother for getting me some Kylie Cosmetics, I absolutely love them!

Do you have any favourite purple lipsticks? Have you tried Kourt K?- Be sure to comment to let me know!