The most frequent question I get asked on my blog and Instagram is how much was the customs fee of my Kylie Cosmetics order to the UK? Here’s my experience, it might be different for other people, so please don’t take this as golden!

I have had three orders in the last three months and I have only paid a customs fee once. I was really confused why this happened on the third time, why all of a sudden? According to the post office, if the package is worth more than £15 then you have to pay a customs fee, but all three packages were over this amount.

Originally I thought the system was flawed and I’d gotten through not being detected twice by the British post office. Which made me feel pretty smug, I’m not going lie! Then I though maybe it’s because I live in student halls and they didn’t want the hassle of trying to find the individual to pay for the fee.

After examining the boxes, I’ve found the answer for the discontinuity in paying. Kylie Cosmetics are doing something illegal, they are lying about the value and weight of products inside the parcels. For instance, in my first order I bought Mary Jo K and Candy K each retailing at $29/£20, declaring it on the customs declaration of the value of $1 each.

The third parcel which I had to pay a customs fee on contained 1 lip gloss and 2 lip kits, with one of the lip kits being valued as $1 where as the rest of the products were valued correctly.

This leads me to think Kylie Cosmetics are lying to reduce the occurrence of custom fees so international customers will be more inclined to purchase. Or is the staff incompetent? Either way I’m not complaining about the two out of three chance of escaping the custom fees, I’m just questioning the legal activities of the company.
Ultimately, there’s no saying whether you will have to pay a customs fee or not. Just be prepared to do so and if you get through the system you’re lucky!

Have you had any troubles with getting anything from Kylie Cosmetics?- I’d love to hear from you.