Spectrum Collections Haul

Spectrum Collections Haul

Let me just apologise for the infrequency of my posts the last two weeks, my life has been filled with data analysis and psychology literature reviews, for my dreaded dissertation. It’s submitted and out of the way, so I’m back!

The second I first saw a Spectrum brush I fell in love! It’s the main reason I first subscribed to Birchbox back in February. Being in great need of some new brushes as the last foundation brush I got, from ASDA (I went budget) broke off on my face, I’ve been on the look out.

So when I was scrolling through the Spectrum website dreaming about what brushes I wanted, I was surprised to find that several of the products were on sale. With an added bonus of 10% off your basket. I knew it was a sign… I will admit I might have gone a bit overboard. I’ve never really taken make-up that seriously, so haven’t applied it properly etc. until the last six months.



The main reason these brushes appeal to me, is the obvious fact of how bright and pretty they are. The quality is also really good, as well as being a vegan product. For the quality of the brushes I don’t think they are too badly priced, similar to that of other brands. I’ve had trouble with EcoTools before, being impossible to blend foundation properly so I was ecstatic when I found an amazing brand.


I got a 4 piece Contour Set (£29.99) which I got for the sale price of £19.99. I love the set as the combination of brushes gives you a beautiful even airbrushed finish.


I also got a mini fan brush called Feeling Fancy (£4.99) to add powder highlight more precisely. Eye-shadow is really an unknown territory for me so I got the brushes Blending Friend (£4.99) and Full Colour (£4.99) to practice my skills.

I’ve never tried a sponge before so I impulsively got this Lilac Blending Sponge (4.99) which was reduced to £2.99. Keeping your brushes in good condition you need clean them frequently and properly, so I got this Brush Clam (£8.99). I will do a full review on this soon once I’ve experimented with it.

What do you think about Spectrum Collection? Have you tried any of their products?- I’d love to hear from you.





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