Kawaii Candy Haul

Being a big fan of everything kawaii (cute), I love the massive selection of  sweets and candy available at my local Asian import shop. I often get savoury bits here, including gyoza, edamame beans and wanton pastry; but the other day I was really taken with the bright packaging of the candy aisle.

I decided to get a few bits and try them out with my fiancé. The nice thing about these candy bits is that they aren’t crazy sugary like some foreign sweets. The problem with this is that they are soooo morish and you don’t have a sugar overload stopping you from eating them all!image

This is the classic Pocky, which you’ve probably heard of before. You can actually get this in some supermarkets, which is a plus as they are super tasty. They are thin bread stick like biscuits dipped in chocolate, tasting a bit darker than British milk chocolate.

In this special almond Pocky box, you get two individually wrapped portions. The chocolate dipped sticks are covered in crushed almonds, tasting more nutty than chocolaty. I really didn’t like these, this is no surprise as I really hate nuts!

Another stick like product with a strawberry cream which you use as a dip. I really loved this one, first as I love pink and second it tastes sooo good! The strawberry isn’t too overpowering and sickly, and the cup is perfect for a handbag snack!

These small cute printed biscuits have a chocolate centre, being one of my favourites of the bunch.

I have no idea why these are called Choco Boy, as they are shaped like mushrooms? The storks are made of a biscuit similar to the Pocky, and have a solid milk chocolate mushroom top. I thought these would be great for decorating cakes, unfortunately all the chocolate tops are wonky on the stork. I don’t know if they have mutated during transit or if they are made like that. They are still pretty tasty though!

This is my favourite! The packaging is so adorable and each little panda head shaped biscuit bite has a cute panda print. Inside the biscuit it is filled with a creamy milk spread, softer than that in the Kancho chocolate filled biscuit bites. I would definitely recommend this one to try, if you want experience something new.

The packaging one these products is absolutely adorable and the product inside is pretty tasty. Clearly biscuit candy is really big in Asia and I can see why, it’s super tasty! The price of all of these products together was just £8.50, which is extremely affordable.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any Asian candy favourites you would recommend?- Be sure to comment to let me know!




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