Glitter Trifle

Glitter Trifle

If you’re a not so domestic goddess like myself, you’ll love this super easy recipe. No baking needed and it looks super Master Chef like.


-Jelly (In the US it’s known as Jello)


-Strawberry Jam

-Vanilla Sponge, I’m using Mandeleines


-Double Cream

-Sherry (optional)
You can have as much or as little of each layer as you want, or as big a portion as you desire so I have not included any measurements as I just play it by ear and plop it in the glass!


This dessert works in stages, the first stage is making the jelly bottom. I’ve used Hartley’s strawberry glitter powder jelly, following the instructions on the back. I’ve never seen glitter jelly before, I love glitter and shiny things so I though why not?! Then I cut up some juicy strawberries placing them in the bottom of my glass. You could use a bowl, a jar, anything that takes your fancy, I find using a clear container showcases the layers of the dessert. Next slice the madeleleines in half, spreading liberally with jam closing the halves together and then cutting into smaller chunks placing them in the glass. Then pour over some sherry and the slightly cooled jelly.

Once the jelly has set, pour over a nice layer of custard and place in the fridge.


Then whisk some double cream to spread on top, you could pipe it if you want to be extra fancy.

Finish by adding a bit of decoration, I’ve just added to strawberries, you could add chocolate curls or sprinkles.
I don’t really rate the glitter jelly as anything special, there is a slight sparkle to it, so it’s not as translucent as normal jelly, it’s just not mega sparkly like I was expecting.
The great thing about trifle is you can adapt it to your taste. My grandma puts bananas in her jelly with a massive glug of sherry. You could try experimenting with different flavours and colours.


What’s your favourite trifle got in it?- I’d love to hear from you.



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