I was totally horrified when I was shopping for make-up today in Boots when I saw a woman pick up an eye-liner sample and use it, not on her hand, but on her eye! I wanted to run at her and throw it out of her hand, not socially acceptable or normal!
Yes, samples are there to gain an idea of a make-up product, whether it is of good quality and to see if it will match your skin tone. Make-up is meant for your face, why should you not use a sample on your face?



1.) You don’t know who’s used this sample, what they have, anything. You can get all kinds of things from other people just through sharing make-up.

Lip products can spread herpes (cold sores), viruses like cytomegalovirus and glandular fever; which are pretty nasty.

-Eye products can spread things like conjunctivitis, so a gross gammy eye- not a good look.

2.) Display make-up can be old. Make-up has a varying, but quite short use by date, so you don’t want to be wearing crumbled, broken old make-up on your beautiful face.
3.) It might be the wrong colour for your face, you then have to walk round looking like a total goon for the rest of your shopping trip.


1.) Use the back of your hand to swatch.

2.) Go to the beauty counter for perfect matches on foundation, as your face and hand won’t be the same colour. I’ve made this mistake too many times, wasting money.


My biggest issue is that make-up harvests germs,  that’s why you need to replace it frequently. I can’t believe people are even buying second hand make-up; women are so desperate to get a Kylie Lip Kit they are willing to risk their health and buy a used one from Facebook. You can call me a germaphobe, I just value my health over my looks.

What do you think of people using used make-up?- I’d love to hear from you.