Budget Nudes

Budget Nudes

Nude lips are a big makeup trend at the minute, and an absolute favourite go to lip for day and night. I absolutely love Candy K from Kylie Cosmetics, but it’s just so difficult to get hold of more, so I’ve branched out to other nude lipsticks. I really don’t like to follow the crowd sometimes, so I’ve been resisting getting Velvet Teddy from Mac, as everyone and their gran has it. Trying not to conform I’ve gone and tried out two cheaper alternatives.

Shaped like a Mac lipstick bullet only lighter in weight is Makeup Revolution’s iconic pro lipstick in the shade You’re a Star. At first the lipstick was really plasticy and difficult to apply, after a few usages it’s gotten softer and application has become easier. For £2.49 I’m not disappointed with this lipstick, it’s not got an overall long staying power, but it’s a pretty pink nude shade for the day.


I’ve never tried a Collection lipstick before, I’m overall satisfied with this beauty in the shade of Charleston, much creamier, shinier and easier to apply than You’re a Star. The packaging is a bit naff, but no one is going to see it other than yourself, for £3.99 who cares? Going budget isn’t always a bad thing, I just find the pigmentation isn’t as extreme as higher priced brands, but for the day you don’t always want to knock everyone’s socks off with your lips!

Can you recommend any great nude lipsticks? I’m a bit addicted atm!- I’d love to hear from you.



10 thoughts on “Budget Nudes

  1. I’m not sure if you have the brand Milani in the UK but they’re usually budget friendly and have a huge collection of colors including nudes! NYX is also a huge brand with gorgeous nudes, they come in liquid matte form and regular lipstick form. I’m not sure how you feel about mattes. NYC brand is budget friendly but not sure if it’s sold in the UK, it makes me so mad because I feel like I could go buy all these things and ship them to you but the shipping would be crazy 😔

    1. I’ve just googled Milani, never heard of it before but yes they do have an online UK store. NYX is new to my local shop too, I’m yet to try anything, I’m excited but also dubious that I might spend too much! There seems to be limited bits of NYC available in the UK currently, according to the Internet…
      Haha that’s very sweet of you! The custom fees would be astronomical!
      Thanks for all your suggestions I’ll have to try them out 🙂

      1. No problem, I hope that you find products you like in those brands! I’ve definitely went overboard lately with buying make up, but I mean, there are worse things I could be buying lol, thats what I always tell my mom

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