Spring Pastels

Spring Pastels

The suns out it must be Spring time! I wear a lot of black and greys rather than pastels and girlie shades, but I have really started to get into Spring with some pink and purple. Which is bit of a surprise!

My favourite handbag bringing me into the sunnier weather has been the Pink Mini Lady Bag (£32) from Skinnydip, I got mine from Topshop.

I absolutely love this tardis of a handbag, bringing me my must haves in the day as well as in the night clubbing. The crossover bag brings a bit of needed colour to my dark outfits. It’s just so cute! My only problem with this bag has been that it has started to go a bit blue on the back from rubbing against my coat, which has made me really sad. It’s my own silly fault for wearing it with darks, as colour transfer is just part of the territory with everyday pastel accessories.

It also comes with an adorable blue fluffy bobble, I had to remove it as I live in the rainiest county so it would get ruined. I’ve however, now misplaced it!-Classic me!

My second favourite pastel has been a beautiful shiny, pastel purple Rimmel nail polish in the shade GO WILD-ER-NESS (£2.99) from the Rita Ora Collection. Like all Rimmel nail polish it doesn’t disappoint.

Do you have any favourite Spring accessories or makeup?- Be sure to leave a comment to let me know.



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