Grr… Kylie Cosmetics!

Grr… Kylie Cosmetics!

I am really POed right now with Kylie Cosmetics! Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Kylie in the slightest, actually I’m a total fan girl, but this is the… time (I don’t know I’ve lost count!) that I’ve tried to get my hands on a certain Lip Kit.

Previously there has been problems with the site crashing due to an obscene number of Jenner-Kardashian fans trying to get an infamous Lip Kit. There is a certain amount of traffic which can cause this, considering the stature and wealth of the celeb I would have thought the website would have been upgraded enough by now to deal with the demand, it has been six months since it launched.

Yesterday, a line system was introduced in which only a limited amount of people can be in the system buying and you’ll be put through once there is space. The system was flawed, I was in the line straight away, but when I went on two minutes later on a different device I went straight to the front of the queue.

My second, but biggest criticism with Kylie Cosmetics, is that there is never enough product to meet demand. This is done not because so many people want it, but due to there being so few in stock to start off with. Last night, Kourt K sold out in two minutes, TWO MINUTES! How many did they stock? I think literally a hundred.

I can understand that the few in supply is to make the brand more exclusive and wanted, I liked this to start off with. Now I’m really annoyed about it! With nearly two-hundred thousand followers on Twitter and 1.5 million on Facebook for Kylie Cosmetics, you’d have thought there’d be just a small percentage of individual’s who’d be disappointed! Rather than hundreds of ranting girls, boyfriends and husbands disgruntled at a) not knowing about the release time b) problems with the site and of course c) there not being any left.

I have previously reviewed Candy K and Mary Jo K, really loving the quality of the product. The low feeling of not getting my hands on a Lip Kit time and time again, makes me think I shouldn’t bother at all.

Sorry about my rant..! Do you have any thoughts or feelings about Kylie Cosmetics?- I’d love to hear from you.



15 thoughts on “Grr… Kylie Cosmetics!

  1. I’ve never tried ordering but I really want the new metallic lip sticks when they’re released!! Did you pay a huge amount of money in import tax?

    Sophie xx

    1. I actually didn’t pay any import tax, but a lot of people do. I don’t know why that’s happened for me? I just made another order so I might have to pay import tax this time. Fingers crossed that I don’t! X

  2. I have all the matte lipkits but Kourt K and I was soo annoyed about the customs fee 😭😭 and kind of disappointed with the actual lipkits after the effort of trying to get hold of them

    1. Thanks for reading! That’s a shame, I haven’t paid customs yet for any of mine. Where are you in the world? And how much did you have to pay for customs? I have found that the lipstick get thicker once you’ve opened them which is a shame. I love the creamy pencil though.

      1. I’ve got a post based on them 😭 and I’m from Birmingham so I was really annoyed when I got charger as I read your first post on them before I ordered

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