Currently, I’m waiting for my student loan to come in so I’m a bit strapped for cash, but I’m in need of a few makeup pick me ups for Spring.

I’ve never worn blush, although I think I am in some need of colour as I am rather pale. I was unsure of what colour to try and in the Superdrug I was perusing there were limited samples to swatch from. So I opted for two different shades from Revolution costing just a £1 each! The darker shade is called Love and the lighter tone is Treat, my current favourite of the two.

As I was so amazed by the cheapness of Revolution I also picked up two eye shadows also £1 each! I’m not really a fan of eyeshadow on myself as I feel like I always look like a Drag Queen, therefore I haven’t experimented with this makeup product in over a year. I though it was time to experiment and perfect my skills, as I have seen some lovely eyeshadow looks from my fellow bloggers. I opted for a gold called Mountains of Gold and a smoky purple called Insomnia.

MUA lipstickimage
This lipstick is in the shade 7 from MUA, is a pretty feminine pink, it is more of a cream sheen lipstick and isn’t as pigmented as Mac’s. There is also a hidden screw cap bottom for the lipstick to be applied like a balm.

As I was about to pay, my eye was caught by a Revolution concealer stick in Fair for £1. I’ve never used concealer so this was more of an impulse buy, surprisingly I have used it quite a lot as a highlighter to contour.
Is going budget worth it?– The products aren’t as pigmented as more expensive brands, but it’s good quality considering the price. If you just want to experiment with shades I’d recommend going budget to see if you like it and then branch out to luxe.

Do you have any favourite budget beauty brands?- I’d love to hear from you.