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  1. I love this post! I’m like you and I constantly struggle with dry hair. I was a dark chocolate brown shade and went platinum blonde (stupid I know). I find applying some coconut oil and wrapping my hair in a towel or wrap for a while really helps. And if you’re brave enough you can wear a shower cap and leave it on over night and voila super shiny hair that smells amazing!
    Hope that helps, Lauren x

    • Thanks for reading! Yeah dying has some serious consequences! I will try your tip out, I’ve got a purple dip dye which needs some serious TLC! Were you able to go platinum in one session or did you have to bleach it a few times? I find I have to do mine like two or three times 🙁 x

      • I bought one of those at home stripper kits and used that and then went on with a platinum dye. Worked for me. 2 days and I was all done.
        That was a few years ago and I’m still feeling the damage though 😭


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