Makeup Remover Must- Quick Fix

Makeup Remover Must- Quick Fix

The golden rule when wearing makeup is to take it off properly at the end of the day. I have been guilty on a few occasions to not adhering to this and have suffered the consequences the following day, often hungover as well! Not removing your makeup adequately will clog your pores and increase the bacteria on your skin which can cause break outs. I also find that if my makeup has not been removed sufficiently, the following makeup application is pretty bumpy and gross.

Over the last few months I’ve been experimenting with makeup more and more, therefore wearing more and more. I’m becoming somewhat of an addict! Which in turn increases the amount of wipes and products I need to remove all of the slap!

I’ve always been a fan of Simple products, in particular the Cleansing Facial Wipes (£3.25) which I need two of to have complete makeup removal. Which can add up… I’m a student so I think of these things. I’ve tried cheaper alternatives and found their effectiveness pretty substandard. Considering the terrifying news that some high street wipes contain chemicals found in antifreeze and floor cleaner, I’ll stick with safer alternatives even if they are pricier, as you only have one face!


I just tried out Simple’s new cleansing wipes Spotless Skin Quick Fix (£3.25) which claims to remove waterproof mascara. The mascara rubbed off with ease in seconds, my face felt incredibly clean and matte, free from oil. I normally have to rub quite vigorously. Yet this was not the case. I have never felt so clean from a facial wipe before, after having a full heavy makeup look. The great news is I only needed one wipe! This product also has natural ingredients like chamomile which prevents spots from the first use, an added bonus. Like all Simple facial wipes they are very moist and sturdy.

I have definitely found my beauty must! It might not be a glamorous product but it is an important part of any beauty ritual.

Have you got any favourite makeup removal products? It’d be great to hear from you.




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