My Choice for National Fragrance Day

My Choice for National Fragrance Day

With it being National Fragrance Day (21st March), seems like they do a day for everything and anything these days! I thought I’d share with you my new favourite perfume, La Vie est Belle (£45) from Lancôme.

The first thing I love about this perfume is it’s chic style, seen in all of Lancôme’s beauty products. The second is the smell (the most important thing!), it’s very feminine and floral, without being sickly and sweet. It has notes of iris, orange flower, pear and a whole lot more of beautiful floral scents. It is definitely a sophisticated grown-up perfume, more on the lines of Chanel perfumes which I absolutely adore as well.

Generally I’m not a big fan of wearing perfume during the day as I’m a student so I’m just popping in out of lectures and the library, not living a glamorous lifestyle! So I normally wear this if I’m going out in the evening or going to an event. Think I still need to find my everyday fragrance…

Things to remember when buying a perfume, is that the original smell will change, it will fade and our natural smell will alter the tones of the fragrance. Even your body temperature can alter the fragrance. This means that perfume can smell different (only slightly on different people. My tip when going perfume shopping is spray a little of the fragrance on your wrist, leave it for half an hour and see if you still prefer the muted smell.

Do you have a favourite perfume? Or a suggestion for an everyday fragrance?- I’d love to hear from you.



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