The Hybrid- The Juicy Shaker…

The Hybrid- The Juicy Shaker…

New to Lancôme is the Juicy Shaker (£18), which I anticipated the launch of since I saw an advert in Cosmopolitan a few weeks ago. I love Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes (£17) and mascaras so I’m always looking for new products from a company I can trust the quality of. I was incredibly lucky enough to get my hands on one the other day, as they have only been launched in a few select locations in the UK.

Why was I so keen to get my hands on one?- Supposedly the Juicy Shaker is a hybrid of a pigmented 1940s lipstick with a 1990s lipgloss. What’s not to like about that?


After trying a few swatches including a blue one, which bizarrely comes out clear and supposedly enhances your natural lip colour whilst plumping your lips. I opted for Berry Tale, a beautiful deep pink. The product is a pigmented infused bi-phase lip oil, the gimmick of this product is the oil and pigment sit separately and you on some level make your shade. As the more you shake the more pigmented you make the lip oil.



I really have enjoyed using this product, it is in no way heavy or sticky on the lips. After an hour or so the shine vanishes and you’re left with a lip stain which I then applied lipgloss on top to achieve a shiny lip. The applicator is so soft, gliding the oil on with ease. It has a slight sweet fruit punch smell, which isn’t sickly like other products I’ve used previously. My lips are left so hydrated and soft from this oil formula, I really do love this product and I’ll be keeping it in my handbag for easy access.


This is a perfect product for any Spring look, shake the product more for a deeper pigmented colour or wear the separated oil for a sheer coverage.


There’s a great deal at the moment if you’re in the UK at House of Fraser, buy two products from Lancôme (one being skincare or a foundation) and receive £84 worth of goodies for free! Well worth it if you need a makeup bag update.

Have you tried the Juicy Shaker? Do you have any favourite lip products for spring?- As always I’d love to hear from you.


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