Giant Easter Slab

Giant Easter Slab

If you’re a chocoholic you’ll know all about Hotel Chocolat’s Giant Slabs. A luxurious thick slab of marbled chocolate with tasty morsels like cookie bits, scattered about. It’s super easy to replicate and it’s an interesting thoughtful alternative to the generic Easter egg. I’m no domestic goddess so if I can do it, you can do it! All you have to do is melt your favourite chocolate, wait for it to drop in temperature, this will prevent it from going too thin when you pour it out on to your greased proof paper lined tray.

Use a knife to marble through the two types of chocolate. Then simply add the tasty bits which will decorate and add texture to your slab. This is great because you can personalise each slab, and put any combination of tasty bits you can imagine, the possibilities are endless!

I think adding sweets with colour is really effective. I wouldn’t recommend getting the Easter version of Jelly Babies, Jelly Bunnies they do not resemble any sort of bunny I’ve seen!


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Give it as a gift whole or break into pieces for Easter Bark. Another easy creation you could try for Easter is my Easter Treat Cheat, a tasty brownie with melted creme eggs running through.




3 thoughts on “Giant Easter Slab

  1. looking great – shame i can’t eat chocolate any more!!!!!!!!! But i could have a tiny piece of brownie. Enjoy

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