March Birchbox Unboxing

March Birchbox Unboxing

Yay! My second ever Birchbox arrived the other day, giving me an opportunity to test out the six goodies I received. My February box I thought was really good, so when I opened mine for this month I have to admit I felt a bit deflated. I suppose you get that way when there’s nothing bright and colourful in there like last months Spectrum brush. Or it could be the fact that I’ve paid full price this month (£10+PP £2.95).

With university getting hectic with dissertation and exam prep, I thought it was about time for some pampering to forget about those grown up problems looming. So what did I receive from this crossword themed box..?


Polaar IceSource- Moisturising Gel

At first I was really unimpressed, mostly due to the bottle being nearly empty as if it had been used. I hope it’s just a manufacturing problem! I’ve emailed Birchbox, I’m still waiting for a reply…


The blue lotions application reminded me of my normal moisturiser by Simple retailing for around £3, considering the gel comes in at £29.90 for the full sized product I will definitely be sticking with my regular. Throughout the day I felt that my skin did feel silkier and smoother than usual, as I used it as a primer as suggested by Birchbox. Not silky enough though for me to consider getting the full version.

Amika- Nourishing Mask

My hair feels incredibly soft after using this, although I don’t feel it’s any better than high street hair masks I have used previously.

Arrow Boost- Colour Enhancing Lip Balm

The lip balm is incredibly nourishing but I’m not a fan of the gimmick of this product. It changes colour according to the pH level of your lips, the first time I used it I had a nice soft pink, the second time however it was hideous! It was a bright artificial pink, contrasting terribly with my pale complexion. Therefore leaving me on the fence.


Phillip B- Drop Dead Straightening Baume

As I have incredibly curly hair and favour the more sleek polished look heat products can provide, I thought this could be perfect for me. I’ve only used this once, finding my hair straightened much quicker than normal. This might have occurred as I had just used the Nourishing Mask though. So I’ll have to keep using it to see if there is any noticeable difference.

This Works- Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Like the name suggests this product claims to help you fall asleep quicker, have better sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed. Personally, I don’t suffer from sleep problems and I’m really not a fan of the lavender smell of the spray so I will be giving this to my mother who suffers from insomnia.

Modelco- More Brows

This is by far my favourite product of the box, it makes defining your eyebrows super quick and easy. The fibre brow gel goes on quite dark but if you want on trend brows this is perfect for you.


It’s always nice getting a monthly subscription as the little things help us get through the droll of everyday life. It’s like getting a surprise selection of goodies each month, this month however has been bit of a “meh” box. I’m considering cancelling my subscription for next month…

What do you think? Are you a Birchbox subscriber?- I’d love to hear from you.



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