Easter Treat Cheat!

Easter Treat Cheat!

It’s the weekend! What better way to relax than eating some tasty homemade treats. I am very far from any description of a domestic goddess, so I have come up with an easy hack to make creme egg brownies in five minutes! Giving you more time to lounge.

The cheat element of this, is the Betty Crocker Brownie mix. Now you could say it wouldn’t have killed me to have made the brownies from scratch and that it wouldn’t have actually taken that long. But I’m a student, so I am lazy… I’d rather be watching Love on Netflix (which by the way is amazing!).


I just followed the steps on the box, which was to just put an egg, vegetable oil and water together with the mix, then to put the mixture in a tin. I’ve gone for thick brownies as I didn’t have the dimensions described on the box, and was making do with what I had. I cut some Cadbury creme eggs in half and plopped them into the mixture, then bake it at 180 for 30 minutes. I would recommend putting a knife in the middle to see if the brownies are cooked, as hilariously mine were very under done when I cut into them! So they had to have another 10 or so minutes in the oven. Only I could ruin a cake from a mix. Luckily, after the second baking session they turned out really tasty, with a gooey creme egg middle.

This was super easy, really quick and tasty. Definitely worth a try on a lazy Saturday night. Why not use cupcake cases to make individual treats? Perfect for last minute get togethers and no one will know you’ve used a mix unless you tell them!



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