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  1. Really interesting, i personally don’t wear lipstick , not sure what that says about me! The notion of attraction in itself is a topic for conversation – i am interested to hear about blondes – there is also a notion that blondes are less intellegent.
    I would like to know more about the change in mens grooming habits and how woman are responding to that. Men spend a lot of time sorting out their hair and in some cases removing body hair. what does this say in the way people look for a potential mate.
    love reading you stuff

    • Thanks I’m happy it was insightful. The problem with evolutionary psychology is that it is just based on theories. With blondes being more dim, there are some explanations suggesting that blondes and more successful with their looks so do not pursue further education. Of course another theory needing more concrete research. I will definitely write a post on me and hair!- Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  2. interesting notion that if blondes are more successful capturing a man because of looks they don’t have to become more educated – i wonder is that really true?? Is there a link with blondes education and class? Certainly something to consider – do women educated woman not bother? Clearly not the case. Men and hair would be interesting too. I look forward to more of your posts

    • Men perceive blondes as being less intelligent in general according to research in 1999. So the research might be skewed, which I think it is… As most researchers are male, so have preconceptions which effects their findings. I don’t know of any research into class but this is a crucial factor for intelligence seen in other physical characteristics such as skin colour.

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