Matte Lipsticks & Tips

Matte Lipsticks & Tips

Matte lipsticks can look pretty nasty if you haven’t prepped your lips properly. Unlike several products out there these lipsticks are not hydrating, so they can leave your lips looking cracked and flaky. Not the best look.


The popularity of matte lipsticks has risen the past few months as highly pigmented lips are the in thing to wear for day and night. I’ve come up with some simple steps to get some amazing on-trend lips.

Like your skin routine, your lips need to be exfoliated regularly, to get rid of dead skin which will be magnified when you put a matte lipstick on. You can use a lip scrub like Lush’s Bubblegum lip scrub (£5.50) before your makeup routine, I do it when I’m having a pamper session with a face mask. Alternatively, you can even use a toothbrush to rub off dry skin, don’t brush too hard though!

Applying a lip balm, ten or so minutes before applying the lipstick can help hydrate your lips, don’t forget to blot it off before application. I’m actually using a cranberry lip balm from Primark at the moment and it is actually really nourishing. In between days of not wearing lipsticks I’ll wear a lip balm or a nourishing lip gloss as I live in Plymouth where there are incredibly harsh sea winds all year round. So I only have to walk five minutes before I end up getting crispy lips.

Another tip you could try is putting some long lasting foundation or concealer on your lips before application, giving your lipstick more stay power and creating a blank canvas for the colour to pop more.

Throughout the day your lips might start to become cracked, if this occurs instead of removing your lipstick which is not always a possibility you can apply a thin layer of lip gloss on top. This will give you a shiny lip rather than a matte look, might not be what you had intended but it’s better than desert lips!

I have four favourite matte lipsticks at the moment…

1.) Matte Sin by Mac 2.) Lavish Beige by KIKO Milano 3.) Candy K by Kylie Cosmetics 4.) Mary Jo K by Kylie Cosmetics

Mac’s matte lipstick [1] in the shade Sin (£15.50), is a favourite of mine for clubbing, going great with black outfits. The dark plum shade needs reapplication every few hours, although to be fair when I do use this lipstick I will be transferring a lot of the pigmentation onto my wine glass!

I actually received this KIKO Milano lipstick [2] in the shade Lavish Beige as a Christmas duo kit with a pastel pink nail polish, so the actual lipstick was an original colour in a promotional packaging, I think. After scrolling through the website I deducted that the Velvet Mat- Satin Lipstick in the shade Nude Beige (£6.90) was the same colour, with a less fancy name. This was my first ever matte lipstick and I fell in love with it straight away, it is my go to day colour. The product stays put really well, so no need for a lip liner and it isn’t too dehydrating.


Another day lipstick I’ve been using lately is Candy K [3] by Kylie Cosmetics (£20/$29). For night I’ve been using the Mary Jo K [4] lip kit, both come with a matte liquid lipstick and lip liner.  If you can get your hands on them they are worth it, they definitely give you the “Kylie look” and are very long lasting.

You can read my full review of the Kylie Lip Kits here.

Do you have any favourite matte lipsticks you’d recommend?- Leave a comment so I can check out your recommendation!





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    1. Thanks. When it comes to lip liner I’m quite new to it, but it all depends on how big you want your lips to turn out. I always cover my lips in foundation and I tend to over line (go round the outside) with the lip pencil as I want them to be quite big. If you want smaller lips you could under line your lips. I’d recommend a softer lip pencil as when I used a Mac lip pencil I found it was too hard and found application impossible and it left my lips a bit sore! I think the key thing is to take your time and practice make perfect! x

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