Yesterday I was ecstatic when my boyfriend gifted me the new Ted Baker Majestic Marvels, in a bid for me to “keep my sh*t in”.  Let me just clarify not in an aggressive manner, more of a plea. To be fair I have make-up all over the flat, so he does have a point. I’ve currently lost my favourite Lancôme Grandiôse mascara so I’ve had to try and unsuccessfully paint my lashes with my eye-liner this morning! I think it’s the combination of laziness and the hope that if I misplace something I will ultimately have to replace it with an upgrade. I am really kicking myself over the mascara though, I’m just too forgetful!



Currently going for £25 at Boots, a fraction of the £43.99 it is going for at Ted Baker. With Mother’s Day coming up on the 6th of March this could be an ideal pamper present for a hard working mum or a birthday present for a super girlie friend.


The large satin pastel box has a combination of flower prints and pixel art, with rose gold coloured detailing on the zip. Inside the box the seven pretty duck egg and baby pink products are wrapped in baby pink tissue paper. The body wash (x2), hand cream, bubble bath (x2) and body lotion (x2) range in smells from vanilla and violet, to jasmine and sandalwood. All being very fragrant and feminine. I can’t wait to use them all! The great thing about this gift set is the products are really big so they will last you ages. At the moment I’m enjoying the pink body wash and lotion, having no complaints.

The products have really brightened up my dingy bathroom counters. I’m just sad that I don’t have a bath in my flat to enjoy a nice bubbly soak. Note to self- next flat must have a bath, I miss out on some many amazing Lush products as it is.

I’m new to Ted Baker products, do you have any favourites you can recommend?- I’d love to hear from you.