Worth the Hype? – Kylie Lip Kit

Worth the Hype? – Kylie Lip Kit

Like so many of you out there I am sucked into the obsession of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, wanting to know their latest relationship status, their clothes and now recently their endorsed beauty products. Getting your hands on these products proves to be more difficult than you’d expect.

Being a young woman all against plastic surgery, I am torn over Kylie’s lip fillers. I hate myself for it but I like her full fake lips. So have thousands of us out there fuelling the harmful #Kylielipchallenge, putting hazardous amounts of suction on our lips to plump them out. Products of which are still on sale on Amazon, even though they result in severe bruising and swelling to get a pout.

It’s then no surprise that the matriarch and agent of the clan, Kris and Kylie took the opportunity to promote a set of lipsticks to obtain the “Kylie look”. Originally promoted as three shades; Candy K, Dolce K and True Brown, each kit contains a liquid matte lipstick and corresponding lip liner. Months later in February Kylie added a Valentines line containing Koko K (named after older sister Khloe), Posie K (named by a fan) and Mary Jo K (named after her grandmother).


Kylie’s fans were furious when products sold out within minutes saying that stocks were too low and that they weren’t given enough warning about the products release date. I however, was lucky enough to snag Candy K and Mary Jo K, as I guessed the release time from Kylie’s coy #comingsoon on her social media, remembering that it went on sale in California at 9am previously, I was glued to my computer back in the UK with my boyfriend to double my chances of getting a lip kit. Around 15 mins before 9am CA time the site changed, suggesting the site was going to go live. Dolce K sold out first, quickly followed by Candy K, by half an hour all six were out of stock. Leaving thousands of fans disappointed once again.

On Facebook I know many girls have stated that they hadn’t received confirmation of their orders and have encountered other problems with the company Kylie Cosmetics. I on the other hand, can only praise them. My order was placed on the 5th of February and I received it 10 days later. I didn’t have to pay for custom charges either for shipping and handling which is always a plus! 

The lip kits retailed for $29 (£20.01) and shipping was around $15 (£10.35). Spending a total of £50.37 for the two lip kits to reach me in the England.

The packaging is simplistic and modern. The iconic lips with the dripping lipstick has come over some fire a few months ago by artist Vlada Haggarty calling it out for plagiarism. The overall ideas do look similar in their concept but the actual composition is arguably different.

“Kylie’s tips” on application is very simplistic, but I don’t think much elaboration is required anyway!


The liquid lipstick smells really sickly almost like a butterscotch smell and spreads on really opaque. It dries to a nice even thickness and it didn’t feel heavy on my lips. A little goes along way with this lipstick! The lip pencil was so creamy making application so easy, unlike my previous experience with Mac lip liners.

Is the hype warranted? Yes, the product itself is really good. Ultimately, if you were to buy a higher end make such as Mac you’d be paying £21 for the Retro Matte Liquid Lip colour then spending £12.50 for a lip liner, being a bit more expensive than the Kylie lip kits. If you’re fan of the celebrity family I would recommend the fashion forward, stylish product. The colours are also really in at the moment so it’s a must. I will certainly be waiting for the next release date so I can some other shades!

What’s your favourite lip kit colour? What’s your experience with Kylie Cosmetics? -I’d love to hear from you.



18 thoughts on “Worth the Hype? – Kylie Lip Kit

  1. This is a really useful review. Even though I live in the UK I would have loved to get my hands on these (purely because it’s a Kardashian/Jenner product). I’ll definitely think twice if there is a UK release. I love Mac/Bobbi Brown too much! X

    1. Thankfully I didn’t have to pay import taxes for it to come to England, but I think sometimes you do. They definitely need to consider their fans from England and other countries more :p I’m also a big fan of Mac! x

  2. this was super helpful! i’ve got my hands on candy k and I’m waiting for it to arrive – i’m so excited! so good you didn’t have to pay for customs xx

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