3 Ways writing can help your mental health

3 Ways writing can help your mental health

I’m a big advocate for awareness days, if just one person gets educated (including myself) I think it’s worth it. I’m a bit late to World Mental Health Day (10th October), but shouldn’t everyday be a good day to talk about mental health?

I can bang on about mental health all day, I work in a mental health trust and I’ve experienced depression and anxiety, which I’m open to talk about at a later date. I just felt today I’d share some tips on how you can better manage your own mental health in your everyday life by incorporating some writing.-That’s if you want to!


Write your worries

I’m not big into talking and sharing how I feel, I’m a writer. I prefer to jot down my worries, which often results in me realising they are completely irrational and don’t need to run through my mind all night.

Even just typing it down in the notes on my phone helps. Having a thought physically staring at you can sometimes relieve a lot of psychological tension.

Keeping notes and lists can be a life saver if you’re anxious or worried, as it’s a great method to keep track of tasks and can help you plan your time more effectively. I have a diary I go back and forth to when I’m getting stressed, I take a minute and plan everything. I can tell you I feel so much better knowing what’s going on in the week ahead!

3 Ways writing can help your mental health- MAHALA

Make it a hobby

I started my blog back when I had severe depression and anxiety, which impacted on most aspects of my life. Even leaving the house was a struggle. Writing frequently for my blog was and has been incredibly rewarding. I’ve met some great people with shared interests, I’ve strengthened my writing skills and it’s opened doors for me.

Yeah I was freaking out about doing it, but that worry was TOTALLY worth it!


Writing out your experiences (good or bad) can feel really therapeutic. But it can also educate others or help those going through something similar know that they’re not alone.

When I wrote a post a while back about living with with chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs) other bloggers reached out to me with cfs and we were able support each other. I’ve had a tough time with my condition and hadn’t even spoken to anyone going through the same thing until I plucked up the courage and wrote that post.

Whether you’re starting a blog or keeping a pen and paper by your bed, you might find writing what’s going on in your mind can help your mental health.

Thanks for reading! What do you do to keep your mental health healthy?- Be sure to comment to let me know. ♥︎

3 ways to wear a Silver and Diamond Heart Bracelet

3 ways to wear a Silver and Diamond Heart Bracelet

It’s been a long time since I did a fashion post as such. It did take 3 sessions to get some photos, which are okay but I’m still not crazy happy… I had to use a selfie stick which isn’t ideal, but in the future I’ll be roping my bf into taking pics.- I’m sure that’s how he wants to spend his weekends!

Jewellery is something I don’t often venture into. I spend a lot of time on my makeup and the rest of getting ready involves me quickly rummaging for anything to wear. That being said I’ve gotten more into clothes and accessorising lately. I’ve found that little bit of sparkle can help make you feel just a little extra.– And who doesn’t want that?!

3 ways to wear a Silver and Diamond Heart Bracelet- MAHALA

So let’s jump into today’s a post, of three autumn trends I’ve been loving lately and pairing with this cute Silver and Diamond Heart Bracelet (£179 £129), The Diamond Store kindly sent me.

Casual Comfy Jumpers

3 ways to wear a Silver and Diamond Heart Bracelet- MAHALA

I have a love hate relationship with jumpers. Super soft and warm, but not the most flattery garment going. These jumpers from Marks and Spencer’s (£29.50) are just so soft and their even “on trend’ according to the store I went to today.

3 ways to wear a Silver and Diamond Heart Bracelet- MAHALA

Dolly shoes (£12.99) are from New Look.


Can you believe this dress is from SAINSBURY’S?! I literally live in this dress. It’s no longer available, but I’ve seen it hidden in sale racks. And this bag, I like to call my fake Gucci bag (£14) and it came from Tesco! Shows you can pick up some affordable pieces when you’re doing the weekly shop.


Leather jackets just make any outfit cool. Fact. I love my inexpensive jacket (£35) from ASOS.

Sunglasses are from Monki and my top is also from ASOS, both items are sadly discontinued but you can get the top from the maternity section and wear it oversized.

What trends are you rocking right now? Thanks for reading ♥︎

September Beauty Faves!

September Beauty Faves!

You know what, I’ve been meaning to do a monthly favourites post for months and when I come round to it, it’s too late! But this time I managed to get round to it… Just.

Pixi Rose Tonic (£18 £12)

I’m a fan of the Garnier’s Rose Toner, but this one just seems more potent. Even the littlest bit goes a long way to making my skin feeling clearer. It’s way more pricey than Garnier but with the Boots sale atm, I treated myself to a repurchase.

Mixing Foundation!

I have gotten mega pale, more pale than ever actually. So much so that my winter shade has to be mixed with an even lighter shade to get a decent match. I wish I had mixed foundations earlier on, as it’s a great way to get a perfect match, I could have avoided some orange face phases! *face palm*

My go to foundation is Lancôme’s Teinte Idole Ultra (£32), but at this price and having to buy 2 shades I wish I had cheaper tastes!

September Beauty Faves! - MAHALA

Soap and Glory’s Bubble in Paradise Body Wash (£6.50 £5.20)

The whole Call of Fruity line from the brand smells so summery and yummy, my favourite product has to be the body wash. The bottle is ginormous which means it’s gonna last ages! To save space in my shower, cause I have A LOT of products I’ve put it in this cute £1 container from Tygar.– An absolute bargain!

Lancôme’s Hydra Zen Jelly Mask (£30)

 This came in a gift set from my two pricey foundation purchases and I’ve got to say I’m really liking it. The clear gel smells really fresh and skincare like. I pop it on at night and wash it off in the morning, and my skin feels so smooth and hydrated. Would I have bought, definitely not. But I’m liking how it’s working with my skin.

September Beauty Faves! - MAHALA

House of Lashes – Spellbound (£14)

Wispy is my thing and these lashes have a nice band to them which makes them comfy, I find with cheaper lashes I used to love the plastic band makes my eyes run and ruins my whole makeup. These are also a repurchase!

Hmmm… I seem to be liking a lot of higher end products atm, think I’ll try out some budget friendly products this October to see if I can find some new favourites that aren’t so eye wateringly expensive!

What products are you loving atm? Are you loving high end too?- Be sure to comment to let me know! Thanks for reading ♥︎ 

Glitter Face Masks?!

Glitter Face Masks?!

Helllooo! First off, thanks for all the support on my last post about saying F*ck off to Insecurities, it’s something I’m insecure about (oh the irony). I love me a bit of glitter, but after the glitter roots incident, resulting with me getting burnt, yep that’s right. I have been a bit more wary, but I saw these BioMiracle masks in Boots and couldn’t pass them up!

I tried out the purple mask which is supposedly meant to hydrate the skin whilst brightening, it’s really thick so I would highly recommend applying it with a brush or if you have a silicone mask brush get that out. The pouch allows you to easily pore and close it up for future uses, thumbs up from me for this feature.

The glitter definitely didn’t disappoint! It’s nice and sparkly, better than the serial killer look I normally sport when it comes to skincare.

My problem is that taking it off, it is exactly like those charcoal painful peel-off masks which tug at any hair and feel like your face is being waxed. After a few minutes of gently peeling, my face felt really smooth and exfoliated. Hydrated, you ask?– Definitely not.

It’s not a bad mask, I would definitely use it again and I’m excited to try the rainbow one. If you’re into the whole ‘beauty is pain’ face masks and glitter you’ll probs like this, but the word hydrating shouldn’t be on the packaging for this mask at all.

You can get them here:

Glitter Brightening & Hydrating Peel-Off Mask (£4.99)

Unicorn Dust Rainbow Glitter Peel-Off Mask (£4.99)

Have you tried these face masks? What’s your favourite skincare product?- Be sure to comment to let me know! Thanks for reading ♥︎

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill | Hit or Miss?

Like always I’m a bit late to the game with this review… better late than never, I guess!

Jaclyn Hill has had a tough year; her marriage ended with the added pressure of the world watching, then there was the drama over having to retract and destroy her Morphe collaboration due to poor quality. An amazing call for them to do, but with the release of the product supposedly being the new improved version a lot of people are sceptical. Are these claims valid?

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill | Hit or Miss? - MAHALA

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill | Hit or Miss? - MAHALA

Out of the four palettes Bling Boss called to me. Purple and pinks are my thing at the moment. For £15 you get 10 well sized shades. The palette came really well wrapped and I even got to use an influencers code for 10% off, after years of having it rammed down my ears I freaked out and opted for Manny MUA, as I couldn’t remember the others. With all the controversy around him lol maybe wasn’t the best choice… but I ordered this way before all that… anyway…

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill | Hit or Miss? - MAHALAMorphe 35R Palette Review- Unaffiliated

Finger swatches show the metals are fab and the mattes are pretty powdery and aren’t the best. When you compare it to previous Morphe palettes, the formula is similar but the mattes aren’t of the same quality, like look at the black from the Morphe 35R palette and blacks are a difficult shade to get right!

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill | Hit or Miss? - MAHALA

The Bling Boss palette is pretty, but the powdery mattes make me question whether this is a reformulated palette, or if it’s in fact the original palette which was supposedly pulled. The shadows require a bit of work, with a lot of layering and blending to look good.

I just feel if you had a second chance at getting this right it would have been the same quality as the Morphe 35R I previously reviewed, or even better. BUT it just isn’t.

I’ve created some fun looks but have felt the formula doesn’t compete with other palettes in my collection, including lower end ones from Bh Cosmetics. I’ll use it again, but it’s a miss from me.

Have you tried any of the palettes from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill collab? What’s your thoughts on Morphe? The beauty community? – Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

Soap &Glory – Call of Fruity Event

This time last year I would never have thought of attending a product launch event, let alone going it alone, but that’s exactly what I did last week! I’ve started stepping out of my comfort zone as I don’t want to miss out on opportunities, thinking should-a could-a would-a in years to come.

Soap & Glory kindly invited me along to their incredibly fruity event for the launch of their new fragrance and product line ‘Call of fruity’. There was a taco truck, cocktails, salsa dancing and pink everywhere. I wish I had taken more photos!

Everyone was incredibly friendly and it was the first time that I’d met a fellow blogger in person! I had felt a bit lost with it all (blogging that is) and there’s been some negativity going on, bloggers I had followed for years have given up and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do anymore… But the event gave me the opportunity to meet some amazing bloggers, which has reignited my passion for blogging again.


I’m a MASSIVE fan of the original scent, but this new fragrance is so tropical and yummy! You can buy the collection from Boots here.


If you want to see some more pictures from the event and see what I get to day-to-day check out my instagram!

Are you a fan of Soap & Glory? What’s your fave skincare brand?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

Big lips in 3 mins?- Bubble Mask Review

Lips are a big thing atm, and something I’ve been accused of surgically enhancing. But for me the thought of lip fillers scares me, I hate needles! As I have aged over the last five years my lips have naturally doubled in size, I put it down to hormones and my constant application of lip products. Who knows really, but the human face is constantly changing.

There are lots of products on the market which claim to enhance your pout and give you the big lips of celebs without fillers. Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Plucker lipgloss (£9) is a fave of some of my friends, honestly the overpowering sweet smell is a massive turn off for me and it makes me queasy, so it’s a binned product for me.- Even my sister gave it a pass! Most plumping glosses have mint or are overpowering in smell.

So when I stumbled across the unknown plump effects of this mask I was sold!

Big lips in 3 mins?- Bubble Mask Review - MAHALA

Hello Jo Beauty is a new British born, Korean developed brand which uses caffeine in their beauty products. The Bubble Lip Mask (£12.50) doesn’t claim to make the lips bigger (but keep reading…) it was fun to use and smelt fresh and very skincare (no sickly smell, yay!). You put a couple of pumps of the silky serum on your lips and watch the bubbles foam up and disappear 3-5 minutes later, then you remove the mask with water. This process of antioxidants and enzymes working together to break down the skin cells was comfortable and more importantly it did exfoliate my lips making them feel really smooth.

AND my lips felt really plump and a little bigger, most of the plumping occurred in the middle of the lips so not an overall effect but they felt really juicy (LOL). The pictures aren’t the best as I was trying it out at midnight in a hotel room.  Now you’re probably thinking, how long does it last? I noticed the plumping started to go down slightly after 45 minutes, but the slight plumping and the exfoliating effect make me want to use it again. In the future I’ll use it before I apply lipstick.

I presume the plumping effect isn’t advertised as it isn’t long lasting and may vary in it’s effects, shows that some products have some hidden benefits!

If you like korean skincare or want to get a short lived plumper pout I would recommend giving this product a go.

Want more bubbles? Check out my Bubble Face Mask review!

*Disclaimer- Hello Jo Beauty kindly sent me this product for an honest review.

Trying out the Instaception Trend

Hello! The instaception trend has been floating around and I thought I’d give it a go. I don’t often try out trends as they’re a bit odd for me, like the whole wavy eyebrow thing… nah I don’t need that in my life. But this one is really inspirational to me as it shows that you only see a tiny snapshot of life on Instagram.

I felt really odd with just one eye done, I thought I might as well finish the look! I used the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette and decided to try out my new wig from Bellami Hair!


What beauty trends have you tried? Let’s connect on Instagram! – Thanks for reading ♥︎

High-end Makeup I had to buy again!

Hi how’s your week been going? Bit burnt out at the minute if I’m honest, so looking forward to the weekend to get my sh*t together! As I write this I’m guessing music from films with Sam my SO and I’ve got to say I’m killing it, considering I’ve seen most of these man films once, clearly I need to go to a pub quiz!

When it comes to makeup I like to mix it up, we know I like to use the excuse of my blog to do so. But I have a couple of favourites that I am constantly buying over and over again. They just seem to perform great for me and without them I don’t think my makeup would look as good.- I know I’m no trained expert, but I’m learning and I think I’ve come a long way! So check out my Instagram as I’ll be uploading more looks and mini reviews over there.

High-end makeup I had to buy again!- MAHALA

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation (£32)

This foundation has been a massive favourite of mine for years now, since I reviewed it back in 2016 when my makeup and selfie skills weren’t the best. I keep going back to this high-end foundation as other foundations don’t wear as well and don’t suit my ever changing skin type. You can really build it up for a full mannequin face if that’s what you desire, like me!

Mac Prep & Prime Fix + (£19)

Another hit product for me is of the course the iconic Mac Fix+. This spray can be used to prime as well as finish the look, and that’s what I tend to do to get the powders all merged together. I found in the heat it is great to spray on bare skill to give it a bit of added hydration. I have a travel size for my handbag so when I’m out and my foundation looks like it drying up I give my face a quick spritz. I find this helps the longevity of makeup.

Mac Paint Pot in shade Soft Ochre (£16.50)

Soft Ochre Paint Pot is another beauty favourite of mine and of the beauty community. The creme eyeshadow is amazing as a eyeshadow primer, as it gives you a great blank canvas to work on. The creamy pigmented formula covers discolouration and fills any lines which shadow might sink into. This product is a definitely a must have for any eyeshadow fanatic or makeup artist.


I have a shade which matches my skin tone, but there are lots of different shades to choose from if you wanted to incorporate the base into your look.

Have you checked out my latest skincare review?

What’s your fave high-end products?- Be sure to comment to let me know! Thanks for reading ♥︎